Talento x talento is an association which supports personal life and talent projects based on the productivity of a social economy, generator of ethical life conditions.

Our desire is to celebrate diversity by creating a network of humans that support other humans through kind and pleasurable processes.


We all have a talent.

Do you dare to share yours?


Our Story

Talento x talento started in September 2016 as a social platform to support talented and innovative people´s stories around the world that were in risk of social exclusion. Our first project was based in Arusha, Tanzania where we started to support Faith´s education. After that we have supported Isabel Espinosa from Tarifa, Spain in the publication of her poetry book “Ladron de Sueños”. In 2018 we started working with Black Mama from Esmeraldas, Ecuador  in the production of her first album. We are currently working on a multicultural and intersectional documentary about trans and non-binary people: EUPHORIA. 


Audiovisual, feminist, contradictory and political, Euphoria is a project in which trans and non-binary people around the world share their testimonies.

Current project



We open a dialogue on identity quests that are traversed by different social classes, religions, cultures, functionalities, violence, wars, roles, pleasures, relationships and social binarisms. Now that the trans movement is having more visibility than ever, it is crucial to question the hegemonic discourses that are being normalized and reproduced against our bodies. We need to be critical and recognize a plurality of discourses that legitimize and also go beyond medicalization processes.

We need to create more than one possible path so that our decisions allow us not only to survive but to live happily. Euphoria is a toast to diversity and the beauty of trans* bodies. Bodies that accompany, care, desire and resist. Bodies whose skin invokes an existence in the quest for making it infinite, indelible, OURS. Euphoria is representation. It is our voices, united to articulate multidirectional discourses outside the boundaries of the binary. Euphoria is love, celebration, and joyful visibility.


The Team


Get Involved

Are you trans*, and you would like to take part in the film? We would love to share your story! Send us an email to hello@euphoriathemovie.com

If you like what we do and you would want to help us in doing more please send us an email to hola@talentoxtalento.com We are always looking for people to join the team to make a difference in our mission of celebrating diversity.

You can also contribute monthly with our projects by becoming a member on Patreon!


Other successful projects


Tuiton of Faith in Davis preparatory school during the 9 years of her education.


Faith is 5 years old and has a very clear dream: “to be herself”. Her defiance has kept her away from all norms. For a girl, to escape the social expectancies that pursue her genre could mean not to have opportunities at all.  That's why, with our project, we want to support her talent, making therefore possible her schooling so she can freely decide her own future. Faith has just started going to school, and if she wants, we will be able to accompany her until she reaches university.



Publishing of Ladrón de sueños (Stealer of dreams), her poetry book.

This work recovers her latest poems in a publication of 60 photographically illustrated pages from Natalia de la Torre in a 15x20 format. In this publication, the poet feels and shares her piece of sea and her joy for loving that it accompanies her in the reason and no reason of her living.

“This book has firstly been poetry, recited out loud some times. Other times it has been sung in a Spanish, jazz, rap, spiritual, salsa version in the street, the night bars, in yoga sessions, popular dishes, hospitals, geriatrics, jam sessions and whenever I had a mic within range, which makes me very happy. I'd now wish these feelings, which are not as close to you, to reach your hands. “




The first disc from Black Mama, with producer Juanjo Valmorisco, who opted in 2002 for a Latino Grammy award for the best Hip Hop production.

Themes filled with life experiences, accompanied by excellent musicians and all the power that must go with Black Mama's message. It is a ferocious message: a message from women. A woman with a strong gaze.

She names in an indirect way and does not keep quiet, pointing with her finger when things have to be clear because there is no time, since history has taken care of deceiving us. She is a loyal heir to her grandmother's ideals and the afro culture. Her performativity has allowed her to become many women, where from she has looked to others, as well as herself. She is the rising fist of Angela Davis and the resistance and veracity of Sojourner Truth, but above all, is her compromise turned into words in Hip Hop.


“Mujeres de Acero”

a song by Black Mama


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